Friday, 19 February 2016

The importance of on-page & off page optimization

The on-page optimization refers to adjustments technical and content type on its own website and is not influenced by external factors. One aspect of the on-page optimization is the technical SEO source code. Here many parameters in the source code of the site must be considered: for example, the use of semantic markup, speaking URLs, the maintenance of page title (title tag), headings and all metadata (Met descriptions, keywords ...) and individual alt attributes (images, links ) is notable. Logical and clear internal link structure facilitates the indexing by the search engine crawlers.

What is off page optimization?

The off page optimization refers to any action that can not be implemented on the page itself. So are about the number and quality of links (often called backlinks) to the most important evaluation criteria of the Google rankings. Google sees backlinks as a kind of recommendation for the site, and pages with many "recommendations" are better ranked. In addition, the quality of the plays "recommendations" a role. Therefore, links from sites that have a good ranking itself will be rated higher than others. A measure by which the quality of a website is considered from the perspective of Google, for example, the Google Page Rank.

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